Residential Surveys

We at Ashmore Surveyors have developed a suite of Surveys which are flexible and can adapt to suit pretty well any situation, and which offer a number of benefits over the industry standard type of reports.
We do not believe that the reports normally offered to house purchasers are of sufficient quality to be helpful to the buyer and feel that in some cases the reports can cause more confusion and concern than they need to.
The difference in our reporting style is that we do not rely upon a series of colour-coded traffic lights because these can be both misinterpreted but also we feel that it potentially insults the intelligence of our Clients.
Our approach is slightly different. Regardless of the Survey type that you select, if there is an issue that needs to be reported, it will be reported in the style of – ‘here's the problem, here is what we think is causing it, this is what should be done about it and these are the implications’.
We take the view that if we report to you in this way, everything is transparent, you know what you are getting and you know what needs to be done. We have tended to find that the industry standard reports have tended to find a problem, failed to diagnose the cause, failed to report on the implications and usually hand the diagnosis of that issue to a non-qualified third party, often with a vested interest in undertaking the work. We don’t understand how that can constitute giving ‘best advice’ and it effectively makes the Surveyor’s role meaningless.
We take the view that the property buyer will soon become disillusioned with the purchase if they suddenly have to go out and obtain 16 quotations for different works before they proceed.


The Essential Survey

Our Essential Survey was originally pitched at the level of the ‘Level 2’ Homebuyer type Survey but frankly, we feel it is a substantially better report, much more helpful and has been developed to the point of being more akin to a Building Survey but at the cost of a Level 2 Survey. The problem with us is that we cannot do ‘half a job’.
If we need to tell you something, we don't stop until we have finished telling you all about it.
Although typically our Essential Survey runs to about 12 pages, you will find that the vast majority of these 12 pages are packed with useful information, whereas the alternative type Surveys have well over twice as many pages but if you analyse the document, there is very little within the report that actually tells you a great deal.
We are always happy to send out Model Reports to potential Clients for them to see what our Surveys look like, and to demonstrate how we think and how we work. These Model Reports are actual Surveys that we have carried out but with the names and addresses fictionalised for anonymity. We have put a suite of them together so that when we provide you with a quotation, the Model Reports will be appropriate for the type of property you are looking to buy.


The Brief Indicative Survey

The Brief Indicative Survey was developed as a slightly lower cost alternative to the Essential Survey and because the inspection is the same as for the Essential Survey (but some areas of the report are slightly less detailed where they do not need to be so detailed but are more descriptive), you are effectively getting the same depth of reporting of important areas at a reduced price.
We are happy in most cases if people opt for the lower-priced Survey but in some cases, we do feel it necessary to include the extra descriptive and detail where the property may warrant it.
We do not feel constrained by the age or style of property, although we would say that historic buildings really require a Full Building Survey and that is not something we would routinely offer to our Clients.
We recently had an enquiry from a Client who stated that they were told any property over 50 years old will probably need a Full Building Survey. The attitude that we take is that a house built in 1840 is probably put together in exactly the same way as one built in 1940 and we really don't see why such an arbitrary distinction has to be made.
Please note that on older properties, and or those with normally inaccessible roof areas, our Surveyors will use a telescopic 8m pole and digital camera and take images or video footage, rather than relying upon assumption or caveats, and thus adding significant value to the Survey.


The Modern House Survey

As Chartered Surveyors, we always try to give our Clients the best possible advice and sometimes that advice might be not to bother to have a Survey. This is normally where the property is so modern that it will have been built to some of the latest Regulations and both the property and certain parts of it may still be covered by some form of guarantee.
We take the view that if we cannot add value to what you already know, you really don’t need us to charge you for the privilege. However, we do have Clients contacting us and despite steering them away from a Survey, they still require that ‘peace of mind’ knowing that a Professional has looked over the house as well.
This is why we have developed ‘The Modern House Survey’ which is a report that is relevant and will meet their needs and expectations perfectly, and at a sensible price.
This type of Survey is intended to be carried out on properties that have been built after 2005 and like our other popular Surveys, it will have a ‘shopping list’ of repairs at the end outlining each defect and how to put it right, although it is, by design probably going to be a more concise report. We are happy to send out a Model of this report style to you, with a competitive fee quotation, so that you can see what you are getting.
If you complete the enquiry form within our website or email us directly or call the office, we are happy to discuss your requirements and send Model Reports by email or post to show how we do things better at Ashmore Surveyors.


Individual Defect Report / Specific Roof Survey

If you are buying a property but there are only specific issues that concern you and you aren't looking to reinvent the wheel then we can provide you with what we call an Individual Defect Report whereby you can tell us what areas you require special attention to be given and we can quote you accordingly. (In the case of a damp and timber report we would recommend that you appoint a specialist but consider an independent firm who may charge you for the survey).
Surveys such as roofs, walls, floors, means of support to chimney breasts and that sort of inspection can be undertaken but will be discussed first as it may not be possible to determine means of support without carrying out invasive exposure works.
One particular area where we can provide far better information is obtaining photographic or video evidence of inaccessible areas. Under normal circumstances a Surveyor is limited to inspecting single storey height roofs only and in a lot of cases a survey report relies a lot upon assumption. By using an 8 metre telescopic pole with digital video camera we are able to look at those areas that would not normally be seen including the roofing felt at eaves level, dormer flat roofs and tops of chimneys on normal height two storey buildings.
It is amazing how much more one can see close up then from ground level with or without binoculars.
We are using this as an additional tool in our more Detailed Survey Reports and on older properties particularly where there are roofs that cannot be seen we can also offer this as an individual service at a limited cost if required. It can be very helpful to contractors who do not need to bring ladders to look onto a roof to provide a quotation.
We can do the inspection and send images to you and your Contractor, and this could help you to obtain quotations more quickly, especially where Builders are very busy and do not have the opportunity to quote quickly.
We are happy to discuss your needs and will quote you fairly as always.