Professional Valuations

Mike Cowley is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer. He is frequently called upon to provide Valuations for various purposes ranging from joint instructions from Solicitors and Accountants in respect of Matrimonial disputes, Probate or Inheritance Tax Valuations, family Trusts and similar purposes.  
Sometimes those instructions come from a Court whereby a series of properties require Valuations for, say Proceeds of Crime cases and certainly we have the experience, expertise and qualifications to be able to undertake these reports to the standard required by the Court or other judiciary body. Our Valuations have to be thoroughly researched and justified and ultimately the Valuations have to be correct and believable. 
Please contact us if you have any specific requirements you wish to discuss. Mike's current CV can be found here.


Help to Buy and Equity Share Valuations

Following the Government's introduction of assistance to new housebuyers by offering the Help to Buy loan, there was a large take-up of the money available and it enabled significant numbers of people to get onto the property ladder for the first time.  
We receive numerous instructions from Clients who now wish to redeem their loans and move on or just refinance to pay off the loan. 
As RICS Registered Valuers and Chartered Surveyors, we meet the criteria of Target HCA to provide formal Valuation reports which are fully justified and acceptable to them to assist in loan redemption. We believe that the fees that we charge our fair and reasonable but if you have such a loan or an Equity share with a Housing Association you will need a Professional Valuation in order to redeem it and move on.  
Gary Wingrove is a Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer with 28 years experience in the Survey and Valuation of Residential Property.
Please feel free to contact us for a very competitive fee quotation. 

Valuation / Survey

The Firm can, in addition to offering what is known as a Redbook Valuation to Clients in connection with various purposes, provide a Valuation Survey for a buyer who is more interested in knowing the true value of the property but would also like to see some element of Survey involved. It is a report that goes further than a standard Valuation report which is still quite a detailed document that is not quite to the extent of one of the bespoke Surveys that the Firm carry out.
It is a useful tool in assisting people in their purchase to ensure that they are paying the right sort of price for a property. We would say that unless somebody needs advice with the purchase prior to say, an auction, then we will always suggest that the buyer at least had an offer accepted first before instructing. It might be that the Valuation accords with the offer but it might also be significantly different. Whatever the valuation figure, it cannot compel a seller to agree to sell at that price but at least it gives all parties a true insight following a fairly detailed inspection and analysis.