Professional Valuations

Mike Cowley B.Sc. MRICS, and Alex Moore, B.Sc. M.Sc. MRICS are both RICS Registered Valuers.

We are qualified and experienced and able to provide a range of Professional (Red Book) Valuations for a variety of purposes.

These various purposes may include joint instructions from Solicitors or Accountants in respect of matrimonial or family disputes, probate or inheritance tax, capital gains tax where a Valuation needs to be provided at a previous date, family trusts and similar.

We have ample experience in providing these Valuations and should an independent joint Valuation not be agreed by the parties, we are comfortable under cross-examination in a Court environment, although that very rarely proves necessary.

Our Valuations are fully researched, justified and explained and impartiality is guaranteed.

If you have a specific enquiry regarding a Valuation and whether we can undertake it, please complete the enquiry form within the website and we can happy the email our respective CVs for consideration.

Help to Buy, Equity Share And Section 106 Valuations

Following the government’s introduction of assistance to new house buyers by offering the Help To Buy Loan Scheme, there was quite a large take-up of the money made available and it enabled significant numbers of people to get a foot onto the property ladder for the first time.

We undertake several Valuations per week under the various schemes, for example where the homeowner may wish to stay in their home and refinance to pay off the Help To Buy Loan or the equity share, or they may have agreed a sale to move on and an official Valuation is required to ensure that the property is being sold at a fair price.

A Section 106 Valuation is one whereby the Local Authority may have made a requirement for certain houses to have been built to be sold on an affordability basis at a percentage of their full Market Value.

We fully meet the criteria of Target HCA to provide formal Valuation reports which are fully justified and acceptable to them to assist in loan redemption. We believe that the fees that we charge our fair and reasonable and we tried to reflect the fact that the Valuation process is just another necessary evil in the process.

Between the three of us, we have well over 70 years combined experience in the Surveying and Valuation profession.

Please do feel free to complete the enquiry form, email us or call and we will be pleased to provide you with a competitive fee quotation and proposal.

Other Types of Valuation

Our scope of expertise covers both residential and general commercial property and whilst we are happy to discuss your individual requirements, there are certain property types which would be classified as Specialist and we would be happy to try to refer you on to a firm that deals with those property types.

Valuations including agricultural holdings, public houses, caravan parks and leisure facilities and some others are what we would regard as a ‘dark art’ and which should only be performed by Specialists. However, in terms of commercial property if it’s an office, factory, warehouse or retail, or a combination of these then we can quite happily provide quotations.

We use EGi/Radius Data Exchange which assists us in providing comparable evidence including historic evidence in justifying a Valuation correctly and allowing us to produce it to the required standard.

Routinely we do not provide a Valuation as part of our Residential Survey work as we tend to take the view that it can be subjective and our preferred approach is to say that the Vendor wants to sell to you at a certain price, you want to buy it at that price and unless we find something substantial and unexpected, it is not really for us to rock the boat.

However, a Valuation can be provided as a bolt on to our Surveys if you require better information about the Value of the property in the light of our Survey. 

Do bear in mind however that if our Valuation is significantly different to the price you had agreed to pay, there is no saying that the Vendor will agree to sell it at that price, and it could mean that they withdraw from negotiations.